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A Letter from your Postpartum Doula:

Dear Mamas,

Congratulations on the journey to motherhood. Now what? You just birthed a newborn and care a ton and want to make responsible choices, but there are so many choices that it’s overwhelming. You are not alone many women feel the exact same way. Just remember…

You are Strong !

As you sit there staring at your beautiful baby you navigate trying to figure out do I breast feed? Formula feed? Which one is best? There is no wrong answer. You are weighing pros and cons of each option. Only you will know what’s best for your baby. So push aside everyone else’s opinions; and know regardless of the decision your baby will be just fine and healthy.

You get to return home and feel instant anxiety, scared, and maybe even feeling defeated. That is okay let yourself feel those feelings. Maybe the dishes are piling up, laundry needs to be put away, house needs to be cleaned, and you just want a few minutes to shower. The first couple of weeks can feel daunting. You aren’t alone but you know what you are strong!

I see you, I hear you, you are loved and validated

Right now the baby you have been protecting in your belly for 9 months is here. Take it one minute at a time and the rest will all fall into place. You got this mama

Signed with love,

Your postpartum doula

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